G'Flaarg I'n

Orc Robin Hood


G’Flaarg I’n left the designated orc reservations to try his life in the human lands. Understanding that other races would not be very amblicable of this, he honed his skills into thevery and knowing the right people. Most of the time the right people were the wrong type of people to know. However like many orcs, a strong sense of honor and social justice is what motivates him.
His recent capture while trying to get some fruit left him in a position of being jailed or worse – sent back to the reservations – however as luck would have it, the goverment needed a strong rogue, and what race is stronger than an orc?
Now he travels with a ragtag group of adventurers trying to help solve a town crysis.

His goal is to be a socialist robin hood. Stealing from those who over indulge at the expense of the have nots.

G'Flaarg I'n

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